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  • Marketing is NOT about attracting new patients, it's objective is to grow your practice
  • Benchmark against your competitors and industry
  • Understand patient intent 
  •  Effectiveness of your SEO & PPC Keywords
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Here's What People Are Saying
When I started in dentistry 15 years ago marketing wasn't even a priority. In fact, it was even considered "taboo" by my colleagues. With changes in the industry and slowed practice growth, I had to do something. Understanding my patient profile and how to connect with them has made all the difference in the world
Matt Parr, Dentist - Surf City Dental
For years my focus was on getting new patients into my practice. I was doing everything from Groupon, Yellow Pages, and ValPak to accomplish this. I was busier than I had ever been, but I was making less money year over year. This analysis helped me understand that the type of patient is more valuable than the volume of patients
Jeff Salantino, Dentist - Marietta Center for Dentistry
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